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4 steps to become a barista

4 simple steps to becoming a barista and marketing your skills

It is a busy time of year around July and many students are finishing their mid-year exams and finally have some time to look for employment and training options that will help them land a job. We’ve put together a 4  point plan to help you find the right training but also how to leverage that into a new job!


1. Coffee education is a must!

Regardless of whether you’re applying to be a waiter or a barista, coffee knowledge is important for you to better understand and cater to the needs of your clients not to mention making an exceptional cup of coffee! Start from the very beginning and learn how to operate a coffee machine and the skills you’ll need to land a job with a nationally accredited barista course for around $300 in our Barista Level 1 course. You will be able to explain the different flavours and roast profiles of your coffee and produce smooth silky lattes in no time.


2. Gain some industry experience

For those who are yet to build an employment history or don’t have relevant hospitality experience, you might consider approaching your local café strip for opportunities to volunteer for a week and learn the ropes in a hospitality job. Some high schools may cover their students’ insurance while they are out on site and HG Coffee School offer an industry placement program for students who complete the Barista Level 1 and 2 courses. This is a perfect opportunity to prove to prospective employers that you are willing to work hard in your new role and you’ll build your confidence in the hospitality environment at the same time.


3. Sell yourself

Revisiting your resume and making a list of your best selling attributes can sometimes be all it takes to sway an employer to interview you. Be sure to explain how your employer can benefit and how their business will improve by having you on board and don’t be afraid to make promises you know you can keep. This might include telling your potential employer you will greet every customer cheerfully with a smile or always checking on customers dining in to make sure they’re happy with their order. Your commitment to demonstrating exceptional communication, initiative and interpersonal skills will put you a cut above the rest.


4. Be Flexible, reliable and coachable

The hospitality industry operates 24/7 across cafes, restaurants, service stations and more, so with a bit of flexibility you can manage your work hours to complement your schedule around study or other commitments. There are also a number of things you can bring to the table in your new job that will make an impression on your new boss and help you move into other positions and gain new responsibilities. Some of these include always being on time, bringing a positive energy to work with you, having a good attitude towards work tasks, being prepared every day and being coachable when you are offered constructive criticism or feedback.


All of our barista students who book the Barista Level 1 or 2 courses and packages also get a free 2-hour employment seminar that will really help you improve your ability to find the work that you are looking for, sell yourself at the interview and keep advancing in your new job. You can find our courses and packages here!

About The Author

Luke is a barista trainer at HG Coffee School and is passionate about training new students in the art of coffee!