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are jug rinsers worth it

Jug (Pitcher) Rinsers – Are They Worth Using?

  Jug (Pitcher) Rinsers – Are They Worth Using? Jug rinsers streamline café operations by quickly cleaning milk jugs between uses. This boosts workflow, sanitation, and coffee quality. But they also take up space and require maintenance. Overall, jug rinsers optimize efficiency and elevate the customer experience. In this article I’ll delve into the pros […]

Espresso Shot Not Tasting Right? Read Your Puck and Find Out Why

Espresso Shot Not Tasting Right? Read Your Puck and Find Out Why The spent coffee grounds in your group handle are called the coffee puck. Examining properties of the puck, including its surface and structural integrity, provides valuable feedback on the quality of the shot. Variables like consistency, colour, and adhesion can indicate whether ideal […]

How to dial in coffee flavour

Unlocking Espresso Euphoria: A Guide To Dialling In Your Coffee

Unlocking Espresso Euphoria: A Guide To Dialling In Your Coffee Crafting amazing espresso is part art, part science. While there are guidelines, no one recipe leads to espresso perfection. The truth is, you need to dial in the parameters based on your specific equipment and beans. This hands-on process helps coax the very best from […]

The HG Coffee School New Technology

Technology Shaping the Future of Coffee

Technology Shaping the Future of Coffee Over the last few years, we’ve seen some exciting new developments in commercial coffee technology! Methods like precision brewing and automated processes are changing how cafes make coffee. They’re helping cafes and baristas brew faster and more consistently, while also improving quality. Here’s a closer look at some of […]

How to select coffee beans

A Short Guide to Selecting Coffee Beans

After water and tea, coffee is one of the most popular drinks… worldwide. There is an unbelievable number of people waking up each and every morning and heading out to their nearest café, whether it’s just another Starbucks or an authentic Italian cafe. You probably already knew that. But did you know that there is […]

Barista Course Adelaide

The Perfect Espresso Shot at Home

As coffee professionals we see many short comings in coffee made by the home barista.  Here are four easy tips which will almost instantly improve your home latte.  You’re welcome.   1. Quality Coffee Firstly and perhaps most importantly you need to be using fresh coffee, every single time. Typically, coffee tastes best between week […]

The Truth About Water Quality and Coffee

Have you ever had an absolutely stellar coffee at one of your favourite cafes or local roasters, bought a bag of their coffee beans only to be let down by the flavour when indulging in a cup at home? Did it lose some of the nuanced aromatics or develop some harshness or acidity? Well chances […]

Caleb Cha’s Top Tips for Perfect Milk

Caleb Cha has spent nine years in the specialty coffee industry and in that time he has certainly picked up a great deal of knowledge from his practice, research and experimentation. Caleb specialises in working with milk and pouring creative latte art designs with great precision and skill. After summarising his enlightening presentation on the science behind […]