Cafe Startup Course – How To Start A Cafe

Not sure how to start a cafe? This Course is ideal for: Those wanting to Buy a cafe, Those wanting to build a cafe, Those wanting to learn how to manage a cafe, Cafe owners who want to take more control of their business.

Course Delivery Options:
One on One Face to Face
One on One Zoom/Skype
All sessions recorded for your future review
Flexible, Scheduled Sessions booked at a time that suits you

Course Duration: 12 hours over 12 or 6 weeks / one or two hours per week



Learn how to start a cafe and the Systems and Processes Successful Cafes Employ to avoid the critical mistakes which lead to cafés failing and closing. Do Not Be a Statistic.

Learn how to avoid critical business valuations mistakes, how to choose a location, learn what equipment you’ll need and how much it will cost to build your business. Learn how to negotiate your lease, how and where to find the best staff and how to induct and train them, how to cost your menu, and how to manage and control the profitability of your café day to day!
Weather you need to turn your business around or you can’t afford to fail in your new café venture, this mentorship is for you.  

We don’t just want to teach you how to start a cafe, we will prepare you to have a successful hospitality business, one that attracts its own media publicity and industry accolades. We include a multitude of useful templates, contacts and other information that will save you time, money and costly irreversible mistakes.

Much of the failure in new café businesses lie in fundamental flaws, mistakes that are clear to almost every person that visits the business except the owner. Our Cafe Startup Mentorship will prepare you for the many areas you will need to manage and open your eyes to the pitfalls you can avoid before you reach them allowing you to focus on building your dream!


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Cafe Startup Course | How to start A Cafe | How to Open A Cafe



Course Content

These are the core units of learning which will be covered in the Cafe Startup Mentorship

Create & Realise Your Vision

The single most important step in ensuring the success of your cafe is the understanding and evaluation of what the customer wants. This unit will make it very clear what customers want at this moment.

Design your layout for maximum functionality

Fundamental and costly mistakes can be made if you don't design the layout of your cafe correctly. Here we learn how to organise workflow and find cost efficiency in our layout both front and back of house.

Develop A Rock Solid Business Plan

Your business plan will ensure you execute on your vision without any surprises. A good business plan can attract investors & finance, secure tennancy, and create opportunities for growth.

How to avoid the pitfalls of negotiating a lease 

Too often new cafe owners are rushed into signing leases which ultimately leave your business compromised. In this unit you will learn what to look out for and how to negotiate a favourable.

Create a marketing plan to reach new customers

Your marketing plan will ensure you can grow your business effectively. You will learn how to communicate directly with the people that are in your area and want your products.

Find out what you need to be insured for

In this unit we investigate the most common insurance claims in a cafe business, and learn what we absolutely need to be insured for. This unit will teach you to understand your insurance policy and it's importance in your business.

Equipment: what you need and how much it will cost

Learn the tricks to budgeting and securing the right price for the right equipment. In this unit we identify everything we need to set up a cafe.

The importance of Food Displays

Learn how to set up and present your display cabinets so that you can maximise the average spend from each customer that visits you. Done well you can double your sales without doubling your customers.

Point Of Sale (POS) systems

Not all cash register systems are the same. Learn which system is best suited to your cafe, what functions and features do they have and how to use them.

Increase sales through catering services

It is vitally important to cafes to be able to generate additional income through catering services. Done well catering can generate phenomenal revenue

Craft a profitable menu & costings

Learn how to cost your menu to ensure your business remains profitable. In this unit we will learn precisely what needs to be on your menu to attract customers.

Choose suppliers which will assist in the growth of your business

Avoid the pitfalls of aligning yourself with a supplier who can comprimise the success of your business. Learn how a good supplier can assist in your business growth

How to build a team of superstars

As far as your customer is concerned; your staff are your business. Sourcing the best staff will ensure business growth, and nurture and enjoyable workplace.

Learn how to do more work and better work in less time

As a business owner we have to understand every facet of our business. This doesn't mean you have to undertake in every facet. This unit will teach you how to be more productive.

Implement a staff training program that guarantees results

Learn the not so obvious trick to getting the best out of your staff. Learn how an automated training program ensures you build a team of superstars.

Bullet proof your business with a second to none policy and procedure package

Building and running a business amounts to nothing if it can all come crumbling down overnight. It is imperative to have the correct policies and procedures in place to protect not only your livelihood but also your staff.

Learn to use the ultimate cafe management tool

Create rosters, control wage expenses, control ordering, wastage, be alerted to staff theft and much much more. This tool will allow you to maximise the profits in your business.

Assessing businesses for sale

Avoid the pitfalls of fraudulent business sales documents and doctored profit and loss statements. This unit will ensure nobody pulls the wool over your eyes and sells you a liability for a premium price.

Cafe Startup Course | How to start A Cafe | How to Open A Cafe

Cafe startup course

Below are the resources that you will be provided with and shown how to use:

An example of the headings and content that will need to be included in your business plan

A checklist of all the observations you need to make when visiting successful cafes in your capital city.  This will form the primary blueprint of what your business needs to look and feel like to attract customers.

Use this 20 point checklist when evaluating locations for your café.  This checklist will also prompt you to ask the right questions of prospective landlords and agents.

This list will allow you to calculate precisely how much your cafe will cost to get up and running. 

A step by step checklist walking you through what needs to be set up and when when setting up a cafe business. 

The rental affordability calculator will quickly and clearly identify if you will be able to afford to rent a particular premises for your business.

A tool to allow you to quickly calculate the cost of any variety of coffee.  Allowing you to set a price that will afford you the required profit for every beverage you prepare.

The gross profit calculator will allow you to cost and price everything that you buy ready made to sell in your business.  This tool will allow you establish if selling this item in your business will be profitable and feasable. 

This tool will allow you to quickly record your recipes, cost them and price them.  Ensuring that you retain this information and not your kitchen staff.  This tool can quickly be updated to ensure your pricing is always profitable.

An evaluation system of questions and points, to assist you in evaluating the best candidate to employ to manage your cafe.

A points based evaluation system used to assess and interview the staff that you are considering employing in your cafe. 

A 17 point checklist to allow you to set your new staff up to succeed in their first week of work.

A staff contract tailored for the cafe industry, ready to use.

A comprehensive outline of all the tasks you will require of your staff.  This job description should always accompany your staff contract.

An orientation package to read through with your new staff.  We’ve dedicated a whole unit to staff orientations, and this package can be tailored to your new business in no time.

This template is necessary in collecting the required information from your staff prior to them commencing.  The template will collect necessary payroll information as well as emergency contact details. 

The 10 Minute Manager is the Ultimate Cafe Management Tool a Rostering Tool which will control your labour expenses.  It is also a daily management tool which will allow you to control your purchasing and establish on a daily basis if your café is making money or losing it and what needs to be corrected.  This tool alone is worth considerably more than the cost of this mentorship course. 

Quickly and easily prepare catering quotations for your inquiring customers. The catering email calculator will save you time in securing catering and events. 

This is a catering order form ready for you to use.  Just add your logo, contact details and change the menu items.  It’s that easy.

A great example of what you should have on your catering menu, and how you need to present it. Use this example as a benchmark for what instills confidence in the customer when arranging catering.

An essential tool for café managers.  This is a comprehensive checklist of things that you need to monitor in your business on a regular basis to ensure your business continues functioning optimally. 

A comprehensive checklist and training tool to monitor the tasks that need to be undertaken every morning in your business.  This checklist will also prompt you to check that all necessary tasks have been completed the night before. 

A list of basic tasks that need to be undertaken monthly to ensure the longevity of your catering equipment.   Ignoring these tasks will prove very costly in paid maintenance services. 

This template can be customised to record the temperatures of all of your refrigeration equipment twice per day.  Monitoring the tempetature of your equipment regularly is a legal requirement in some states and countries.  Moreover it is best practice. 

This tool automates your end of day till reconcilliation process and provides you with a daily banking report

Cafe Startup Course | How to start A Cafe | How to Open A Cafe

Meet your Cafe Startup Mentor

Hi I’m Peter Giannakis

Your coach and mentor throughout the program. My hard earnt experience comes from building and operating  12 cafes simultaneously.

I’m  a certified state and national barista judge as well as the director of the HG Coffee school.

I  support more than 80 cafes through the supply of coffee, barista training and ongoing coaching services.

This all allows me to share my experiences and ideas with you to assist you in avoiding many of the mistakes  made  by new business owners when they open their first café. 

Throughout this mentorship I will also share the tools that allowed me to manage 120 staff and run my cafes under management.

Click Here to learn more about your course mentor Peter Giannakis.

Cafe Startup Course | How to start A Cafe | How to Open A Cafe

This is what our Cafe Startup Course Graduates had to stay about the training...

"The course really opened our eyes to all aspects of starting and running a café. This will put us many steps up the ladder ahead of others. The tools will be invaluable to our success."

Tony & Jane Hebden
Headquarters On Henley Cafe
5-stars-barista school adelaide

“Peter was enormously helpful in what was, for us, completely uncharted territory. Purchasing a cafe for the first time can be very daunting. When brokers and vendors paint a nice dream-like scenario and accountants are strictly bound by numbers and very black and white, Peter was able to help explore the grey areas of buying a cafe with helpful advice evidently based on years of experience running them. Before spending hundreds of thousands on your first cafe, speak to Peter!”

Giulio Gallinaro
5-stars-barista school adelaide

"Hi Pete Great session today with an incredible tool. This session and your tool probably pay for the course in value threefold."

Rihann & Irene Koekemoer
5-stars-barista school adelaide

"I had a lot of doubts prior to booking the mentorship, mainly concerning my lack of experience in the industry and not knowing much about owning a business. Peter not only was understanding regarding this but also made me even more enthusiastic about owning my first business. He was really spot on with each topic covered and encouraged me to ask as many questions as possible even if it meant I’d take up more of his time."

William Wayne Wiegold
5-stars-barista school adelaide

"We run a café and a playcentre and would like to thank Peter from the bottom of our hearts. He truly knows what he is talking about on all aspects of running a hospitality business. The software included in the price of the course is incredible, it manages absolutely everything from rosters, wages, purchases and all the KPI’s that are required to keep your finger on the pulse with your business. Peter has blown us away with his marketing advice and all the general tips and tricks he has given us. I seriously think if you have a café and you are struggling, talk to this guy. If you look at coaching in general his course fee is so affordable and so very worth it. Thank you Peter, you are so knowledgeable, thanks for sharing your knowledge in such a professional way and helping businesses. "

Jolande van Nispen
Chimpmunks Playland and Café
5-stars-barista school adelaide

"I wanted to book the course because there were a lot of areas I was lacking in. This course is absolutely 100% worth every cent. For me the tools that Pete has given me to work with is where the true value is. Tools to calculate gross profit on goods and other daily business management tools. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to open a café as well as anyone currently running a café business; you’re going to find something useful in this course. You want to start as prepared as possible, that’s what I’ve gained from doing this course."

Emma Biddle
5-stars-barista school adelaide

Cafe Startup Course | How to start A Cafe | How to Open A Cafe

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Frequently Asked Questions

The earlier the better.  There will be a lot of learning that will assist you in avoiding critical mistakes before you even start your cafe.  The extra time will be well used in calculating your setup costs, setting up all your processes and procedures, staff training material and menu costings. 

Absolutely. There will be immense value in learning to understand business sales documents, and learning  the true value of a cafe business and not what is being reported by the business broker  or business owner.  The tools in this course can be immediately applied to your new business to ensure it remains profitable. 

Yes!  Unless you’ve already completed a course offered by an experienced cafe operator who has shared all of their knowledge and developed tools.  This course will fill the gaps in your knowledge and offer you new tools and perspectives to take control of your business. 

Not doing this course could cost you your business!  Invest $2100 with this month’s special and take your first step towards ensuring your cafe success!

The cost includes bringing along a business partner at no aditional cost.

The Mentorship is a 12 week program with a total of 12 hours of personal coaching, to review each weeks learning and answer any questions you might have about your own personal circumstances and business goals. 


The personal coaching sessions are delivered via Skype if you’re interstate of abroad  or in my offices at Regency Park, at a set time weekly that best suits you.


The duration can be fast-tracked by booking two or more consults per week, this can reduce the course duration significantly.

Absolutely, if you would prefer to work through this program in your own time, you can book through our online learning platform at the link below:

Cafe Startup Course | How to start A Cafe | How to Open A Cafe

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Course Content

  • In Person or Zoom/Skype
  • One On One
  • Pre Purchase Business Assessment
  • Pre Opening Costing Lists
  • Location Assessment Tools
  • How to hire & Train Staff
  • How to cost your menu
  • How to measure your daily profits
  • and much much more