Our Values

We create experiences

Our training is unique in its approach and of such a high standard that our students remember their experience. We combine professionalism, expert industry knowledge and flair for delivery that gives you an experience we know you’ll remember.

We’ll kick-start your coffee journey

We know that the most important thing about our training isn’t just the knowledge, but where the knowledge will take our students. Every class we deliver is packed full of useful tips to aid you in your journey to employment or greater understanding of coffee.

We know confidence is the key to success

We leave our students with a greater belief in themselves. Not because we tell them they can achieve what they’ve set out to, but because we show them that they already have! If any student is struggling and not confident in their skills after training, we’ll spend as much time as necessary to bring them up to speed.

We take pride in every student

We want our students to succeed in their pursuit of knowledge, employment and fulfilment, for their benefit and also our own! Barista training of each and every student is personal for us, much of our great success in business is because our students enjoyed our training and delivery so much that they recommended us to friends, family and their colleagues.

There is nothing more satisfying than helping a student develop their skills and confidence from a beginner to pouring latte art on their coffee and building the confidence that will launch them into success as a barista or café owner.

Honesty is no joke

Honesty is the foundation of all good relationships – we take this very seriously. We are transparent and focus on helping you achieve your goals, this allows us to build long lasting relationships with our students and help them to succeed, and we don’t plan on changing that!

From beginning to end we’ll deliver on our promise of outstanding barista training and an education in coffee, there are never too many questions and we always have time to chat even after you’ve finished your training.

Our Team Principals

Progress above perfection

Perfection is one of many human ideas that doesn’t exist, it is not attainable in the physical world. Our focus is always on progress, both for our students to develop their ongoing learning and also ourselves.

We always look for new ways to improve our training and include the most innovative techniques and equipment as they arrive on the coffee scene so we can continue to deliver to our students the most industry relevant knowledge available at any given time.

An open mind opens doors

We don’t mean to brag, but our staff are aces! Each and every one of them bring their strengths to HG Coffee School and make it great. We value different perspectives and unique ideas and strive to learn and grow so that you can reap the benefits.

We empower our team

We respect, empower and challenge our team to continue to better themselves while they help you do the same. We don’t want to limit our potential, and we won’t ever limit yours!

We face challenges head on

The only thing that rivals the taste of coffee in the morning, is the taste of a freshly crushed challenge. We love challenges, because others don’t. Put us to task and we’ll find solutions and solutions drive our success.

We are relentless in our pursuit

“We will be relentless in our pursuit for perfection. We won’t ever be perfect – but in the process we will achieve greatness.” – Vince Lombardi

We are relentless in our pursuit of success and improving ourselves, no matter the obstacles.

We are adaptable

Unlike the coffee bean, we will adapt to changes in our environment, new innovations and new challenges – always offering the most progressive education. As our industry and our medium develops, so will we.