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How to find a job as a barista

Finding A Job in the Coffee Industry

Your journey to becoming a professional barista has to start somewhere – but finding a job in the coffee industry isn’t simple when you have little experience. For those of you fresh out of barista training, there are 2 main paths towards your first barista job. What You Need to Succeed Nearly all well-paying, respectable […]

Caleb Cha Latte Art Adelaide

World Latte Art Champion Spills the Beans on Learning Latte Art

Latte art is not for the faint of heart. After all, it’s not easy to use milk and coffee as your medium. In this unique field, Caleb Cha is a bona fide champion. We consulted Caleb Cha, having not only won the Australian, but also the World Latte Art Championships in 2015, Caleb seriously knows what he’s talking about when it comes to latte art!

adjusting your grinder

Fine Tuning Your Espresso Extraction

Getting your espresso extracting just right is an ongoing battle, one that all baristas know well. As you know, there are more than a handful of variables to take into account when troubleshooting. We have put together a comprehensive list of extraction problems you’re likely to run into and some of the reasons why they occur to help you get on the way to perfect coffee every time.