One-on-One Latte Art Course

Our purpose designed Latte Art Course was devised by our trainers to school new baristas in the milk pouring techniques used to pour latte art (which we refer to as the latte art toolbox) and walk you through the progression of simple to advanced latte art designs.

Course Duration is 1.5 hours

Prerequisites: Barista Level 2 or equivalent relevant industry experience

The Latte Art Course is a 90 minute training session with one of our barista trainers to develop your ability to pour latte art designs perfectly contrasted with coffee in your cup. You’ll run through milk pouring exercises step by step to develop your ability to pour latte art every single time.

This is what our Latte Art Graduates had to stay about the training...

A million out of ten. Would recommend. I originally just wanted to brush up on my (okay-ish) barista skills.  I’m honestly glad I did this; I learned so much and enjoyed it immensely. I can happily say that it was worth every dollar.  Mitch is a kickass instructor. He seems to have endless patience (thank you for that) and it’s clear to see he’s passionate about what he’s teaching. He improved my latte pouring technique immensely. Thank you for being so honest. Also: the groovy tunes, those were cool too.

Tanya S.
Google Review

I have now done the Level 2 barista course, and 2 seperate latte art sessions with HG. Anthony’s skills are exceptional, and he presents in a calm, even, and understanding manner.  I have definitely improved my skills in a significant way since undergoing training at HG. Can’t recommend enough. Great facilities, great training, great people.

Dave Edwards
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Thank you so much to Peter for his latte art training today! I have the nervous shakes and a few bad pouring habits that don't always give me good latte art. I wanted to improve on both, and I did just that! Peter explained new concepts and helped me to "get into the zone" when pouring. I saw improvement in each cup and by the end I wasn't shaking! Super relaxed and easy to understand. Definitely recommend their courses, and I will be back in the future!

Jaimee Hockabout
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Frequently Asked Questions

Latte art does require experience in texturing good quality milk and while we do tweak and finesse your milk texturing skills in this latte art course, we do not want you to lose valuable latte art time learning the fundamentals.   By completing the barista level 1 & 2 course, we know you’ll be ready to learn latte art.   Those with industry experience may also be ready to undertake in our latte art training pathway.  If you’re not sure if you’re ready… give us a call and we can arrange a quick assessment. 

Well that depends on weather or not you’re already doing latte art.   If you’ve never done latte art before, we’ll start by teaching you the latte art toolbox.  That is; all the processes and techniques to advance your latte art without picking up bad habits from youtube/instagram videos. 

Beginners will start with perfectly contrasted love hearts, we will then turn those hearts into tulips.  Following tulips you’ll progress to rosettas, then swans.


More advanced latte artists can learn the basics of creating high contrast in their designs (no washout around your designs).  With experienced latte artists we can establish what you feel comfortable with and push you to the next level with new designs and techniques.  

As a beginner, no, and don’t book with anyone who says you can.  Latte art is a journey.  Most good latte artists learnt on the job, under the watchful eye of a better barista.   The better barista would teach them something, then tell them to practice and master that lesson before they can be taught the next design.  So the process for latte art education follows a ‘learn-practice-learn-practice process’  with practice time amounting to weeks of daily practice on the job or on a home machine.  Basic designs need to be mastered first before more advanced designs can be learnt using the lessons of easier designs.  If you’re not fortunate enough to work under the tutelage of a gun barista, or are not actively working, book with us.

Barista Level 2 Graduates are ready for latte art, but we recommend finding work in a cafe first so that you can practice what you learn with us immediately.  If you have a good machine at home this will also suffice.  The key here is practice.

If you’re working in the industry making coffee currently, and wanting to nail latte art, this course is for you.

We’re flexible, click the ’email us’ button and you’ll be prompted to tell us when you’re available. We’ll call you back with a time that suits  you  and we’ll book you in. 

No and we encourage our Level 1 graduates to follow the instruction in our ‘Resume & Job Hunting Workshop’ and get out there and get work ASAP.  Mastering latte art certainly assists in securing work.  Latte art shows mastery of your craft, and is highly sought after by employers.  It’s not necessarily the measure of a good barista but it does open a lot of doors. 

In our experience latte art cannot effectively be taught in a group environment.   Much attention needs to be given in correcting the individual movements and processes, and this simply cannot be delivered when attention isn’t laser focused on individual students. 

Barista School Adelaide
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Course Content

  • Milk stretching for latte art
  • Physics of milk and coffee
  • Milk pouring techniques
  • Basic latte art designs
  • Advanced latte art designs
  • Coaching on new designs for competition