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Proudly providing certified barista and hospitality training in Adelaide. If you’re looking for a serious industry based barista course in Adelaide you’ve come to the right place.  We’re serious about barista training and we’re serious about delivering on our promise of the best barista training on the market!

Certified Barista Course Adelaide

Barista Course Adelaide | Barista Training Adelaide | Barista Courses Adelaide

The HG Coffee School Advantage

Adelaide’s Premiere Barista Training Facility

Our espresso machines and grinders are new and industry relevant so our students learn on equipment they’re most likely to work on in the industry. Too often our students comment on having prior training elsewhere on equipment that is so old it’s no longer found in active cafes and restaurants.  Tamping, grinding and machine technology is always evolving, we ensure our students encounter no surprises on the job

Industry Active Trainers 

When choosing where to undertake your barista training you should be asking: who will be training me? and what recent experience do they have in the industry? At the HG Coffee School, coffee is all we do! Our trainers compete and judge in state and national competitions, and partner and consult with some of Adelaide’s busiest cafes. Not only that, but we’ve also designed a calendar of professional development events with the industry’s leading contributors and businesses   in the coffee industry to keep you on your game!

A Full Barista Training Pathway

We have gone to great lengths to become South Australia’s trusted supplier of industry relevant training, grooming new baristas into qualified and competent coffee professionals. Our pathway to coffee mastery begins with our Level 1 & Safe Food Handling course and progresses to Barista Level 2, Work Experience, Latte Art, Coffee Lab practice, Speciality Brewing, Equipment Maintenance, Responsible Service Of Alcohol, Introduction to Bartending & our fantastic Job Hunting Workshop to assist you in securing paid work in the industry!



Certified Training

Our certified courses are specifically designed to have our graduates workplace ready.  As one of South Australia’s most trusted hospitality training providers our certified training is sought after by industry employers and assists our graduates in getting their foot in the door.  Our certified training not only attracts new comers to the industry but many who have already completed training elsewhere.



Industry Placement Program

We wholly believe that our commitment to our students doesn’t end with training, we differ greatly with other training providers in Adelaide by supporting our students all the way into employment with our Industry Placement Program. We know how hard it can be getting your foot in the door without experience so we are always on the lookout for cafes and restaurants to partner with to help us provide work experience for our students. Relevant experience and a glowing reference can make all the difference!



100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

We believe that if you purchase a product or service of any variety and you do not receive what you are promised you should never be left unhappy. If we fail to deliver on our promise of the highest quality training in Adelaide we offer a 100% money back guarantee and we always have. We can proudly say that we’ve never had a dissatisfied student and as at September 2016 we’ve had over 14,000 happy students still singing our praise!


Who’s Using HG Coffee School…

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HG Coffee School Courses

Barista Course Adelaide | Barista Courses Adelaide | Barista Training Adelaide 

Course Packages

Barista Level 1 & 2 Package

Master the basics and get your national accreditation in the Barista Level 1 course then up your game with advanced techniques to manage high volume coffee production in a busy cafe in our Barista Level 2 course.

Ideal preparation for employment!



This package includes:

  • Barista Level 1: Barista Basics
  • Barista Level 2: Advanced Techniques
  • Bonus 20 Hours Industry Placement
  • Bonus Interactive Barista Manual, Job Hunting guide and Barista Resume Template!
Most Popular

Barista Mentorship Package

Designed to produce a professional barista who is fully competent in all areas of espresso beverage production this packages introduces further mentoring in one-on-one training and extra practice time with our barista trainers

This package includes:

  • Barista Level 1: Barista Basics
  • Barista Level 2: Advanced Techniques
  • 2-Hour Private Barista Training Session
  • 2-Hour Coffee Lab Practice Session
  • Bonus 20 Hours Industry Placement
  • Bonus Interactive Barista Manual, Job Hunting guide and Barista Resume Template!

RSA & Introduction to Coffee

Our Introduction to Coffee course introduces you to working with an espresso machine and making quality coffee. In the RSA course you'll become accredited to serve alcohol on a licensed premises and how to manage patrons who are drinking alcohol. This course is delivered face-to-face

Ideal for students to get a taste of working in the hospitality industry for the lowest price  


This package includes:

Introduction to Coffee


Responsible Service of Alcohol


RSA & Bartending Basics

Gain your Responsible Service of Alcohol and be ready to work your first day behind a bar!

In this package you will learn the requirements to serve alcohol on a licensed premises and how to manage patrons in our Responsible Service of Alcohol course then learn basic bar operations, tap a keg, pour beers, make mixed drinks, cocktails and shooters and more


This package includes:


Responsible Service of Alcohol


Bartending Basics


Latte art tuition adelaide

Gift Vouchers

What an awesome present! We have your Christmas, birthday and special gifts covered, select a course from the menu below and we will email you a printable gift certificate to present that special person

Student Testimonials

Not sure about booking one of our courses yet? Hear what some of our students say about our barista training and teaching methods and if you’re still unconvinced, call or email us for more information!

I would recommend this training to everyone because it’s a great skill set to have wherever you go.  It was an awesome day which was very informative.

James Heidrich – Jacobs Creek

This course was structured in such a way that complete beginners would not find it hard to follw & those with some experience wouldn’t find it too slow.  I co-own Miss Perez Cafe in Stirling and wanted to brush up on my skills and get rid of any bad habbits.  After completeing the course I would highly recommend HG Coffee School for staff training

Rebecca Zahra- Owner – Jimmies Restaurant & Miss Perez Cafe Stirling

I will recommend this course to my up and coming baristas at my coffee shop.  I found the trainers were amazing teachers with a great amount of coffee knowledge.

Jane Dudgeon – Manager – Hudsons Coffee

Tuesday 21st January Barista Level 1 & Food Safety 9:00am – 3:30pm ( Hurry, Only 3 Places Left, Book Now!)

Wednesday 22nd January Responsible Service Of Alcohol Certification 9:00am – 11:00am 

Wednesday 22nd January Introduction to Coffee 11:00am – 2:00pm (Hurry, Only 4 Places Left, Book Now!)

Saturday 25th January Barista Level 1 & Food Safety 9:00am – 3:30pm ( Hurry, only 2 Places Left, Book Now)

Sunday 26th January Responsible Service Of Alcohol Certification 9:00am – 11:00am

Sunday 26th January Bartending Basics 11:00am – 3:00pm (Hurry, Only 1 Place Left, Book Now!)





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