Barista Mentorship Package

With Barista Level 1, delve into the core principles of using commercial coffee machines, mastering the essentials. Then, Level 2 takes you further, honing your skills in efficiency, presentation, and lightning-speed service—qualities that define exceptional baristas.

Your mentorship also includes personalized attention—a 1.5-hour private training session focusing solely on your Barista journey.

And to build further on that hands-on experience, immerse yourself in a 1.5-hour Practice Session, working at your pace to master any area you would like to improve on, great for building your confidence before a job interview.

If you're serious about hitting the ground running this is the package for you. It doesn't get better than this.

Barista School Adelaide

Package Includes

  • Barista Level 1 Certification​
  • Barista Level 2 Certification​
  • Bonus Interactive Barista Manual
  • Bonus 2 Hour Resume Preparation and Job Hunting Workshop
  • Bonus Barista Resume Template
  • 1.5-Hour Private Barista Training Session
  • 1.5-Hour Coffee Lab Practice Session