Director of the HG Coffee School, business owner, coffee guru and café operator, Peter Giannakis is the Hospitality Coach

If you, like many of our students, are looking for employment in the hospitality industry, then don’t go past adding this amazingly insightful  2 hour video course to your repertoire

This online workshop is specifically designed to give you the unique opportunity to sit down with an employer and learn the strategies that will transform the way you look and apply for work. You will rock a new attention grabbing resume that will get you in front of prospective employers and have them calling you for work

Peter lays out his no-nonsense approach to getting an edge on the competition, finding work wherever it might be, getting employed and advancing in that organisation.Get on the path to success and have employers calling you for work next week!



  • The resume concept
  • How to get someone’s attention
  • Where to start in finding job vacancies
  • Self marketing strategies
  • Introducing yourself on the right foot
  • The problem with applying online
  • Smashing the interview process
  • What to say to keep advancing in the workplace


Purchase and download your 2 hour Resume & Job Hunting Video Workshop below