Introduction To Coffee Roasting

Our Introduction to Roasting course is designed with the barista or other coffee service professional interested in learning more about the coffee supply chain, gaining an understanding of the roasting process and where their coffee comes from, and improving the value they bring to their workplace.

Students will learn about the fundamental processes that occur when we turn raw (or ‘green’) coffee into the roasted beans we all love, this will include theoretical knowledge and will then be applied hands-on, with students learning how to operate a coffee roaster and the differences (pros and cons) of common popular brands of roasting equipment.

Students will then be taught how to ‘cup’ (professionally evaluate) roasted coffee and will learn how to identify various roasting and green defects that can be found in coffee.

Finally we’ll go over how to translate this new knowledge and experience into benefits for both the barista themselves and their workplace ‘day-to-day’, including (but not limited to) helping facilitate communication between roasters (suppliers), business owners and the end consumer.

Course Outcomes:

  • Fundamental Knowledge of Roasting Apparatus usage/operation.  
  • Fundamental Understanding of chemical reactions and physical changes during roasting. 
  • Being able to identify the differences between Origin flavours and Roast Flavours & Roast Level Differences
  • Knowing How to set up & run a cupping. Post Roast Supply chain management: Facilitating dialogue between roasters & Café owners.

Duration: 6 hours.  |   9am – 3pm